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Announcing Our Partnership With Gamers.Vote

Posted by ReadyUp on August 10, 2020

As we get closer to November’s US presidential election, we wanted to remind you about the importance of voting. If you are an American citizen legally eligible to vote — regardless of political beliefs — you have the privilege of being able to cast your vote. With that in mind, we are excited to announce we have partnered with Gamers.Vote! We announced the news on The Esports Observer: click here to read their article.

The initiative was started by Henry Lipscomb (then 15) and his father Steve Lipscomb (World Poker Tour Creator). They believe that democracy is better when more of us participate. Henry is a gamer and he helped his father understand that gamers are an enormous and growing group of voters. Gamers.Vote works with the best gaming companies, streamers, teams and influencers to help grow the gamer voice. The only purpose of Gamers.Vote is to encourage gamers to register and vote: no issues, no party preferences, no political agendas — and no data collection.

During the entire month of July, Gamers.Vote partners created a Gamers Vote-a-thon during which streamers used Gamers.Vote tools on the major streaming platforms (Twitch, YouTube and Facebook) to help register their viewers to vote. Soon they will be announcing more events to help inform gamers about how to register to vote, and you will be able to follow all of them on ReadyUp.



We think it is important to inform you about your right to vote and the simple process of vote registration. Check Vote.Gov to get all the rules.  The easiest way to register is online — and it only takes a couple of minutes. 40+ States allow online registration (but make sure not to miss the deadlines!)

At ReadyUp, we feel very strongly that everyone should be involved in the democratic process. We hope to see all you eligible US voters making the voice of gamers heard at the polls this November.