Esports Events to Watch This Month (March)

Posted by ReadyUp on March 2, 2021

Want to know what esports events you absolutely need to check out this month? We’ve got you covered! Every month our staff pick some of the biggest events from all across esports that we think you need to watch.

Its another big month in the world of esports. The LCS and LEC will both be concluding their spring split before the end of March. The CDL is hosting their first major of the 2021 season. The PUBG global invitationals continue and the ESL Pro League kicks off Season 13 with Spring Groups. There is a lot to cover here so let’s dive right in!


LCS Mid-Season Showdown - Rounds 1 + 2

Highlight Match: Opening Match
Starting March 20th

While the LCS still has a few weeks of regular-season competition, the entire point of that regular season is to qualify for the Mid-Season Showdown. The teams that make it to this event will have a chance to battle it out to determine the best team in all of North America. Whoever wins the MSS will then represent North America at the Mid Season Invitational, which is the first major international event of the year. It provides a great opportunity for each region’s best team to pit themselves against each other and improve before heading into the summer and then ultimately the world championship. A slot at that event is of the highest importance for any team with World Champion aspirations making the MSS the most important event of the North American Season so far.

LEC Spring Split 2021 - Weeks 7 + 8

Highlight Match: Opening Matches
Every Friday + Saturday

The LEC is heading into the final few weeks of the regular season and chances for the playoffs are on the line. Finishing well in the regular season sets a team up for success in the playoffs which will determine which team from Europe will represent the region at the Mid Season Invitational. MSI is the first major international competition of the season meaning any serious team will want to attend to prove themselves against the best in the world and gain valuable experience before the summer season and ultimately the World Championship. With so much on the line these last few weeks of the LEC are sure to be the most exciting of the year so far so make sure you tune in!

ESL Pro League Season 13 - Spring Groups

Highlight Match: Opening Matches
Every day at 6AM EST / 3AM PST

The ESL Pro League brings together the best CSGO teams in the world for over a month of grueling competition. Emerging as the best team in a season is a long and difficult process but it begins by performing well right from the very start in the group stage. Each group will play out over a few days giving teams plenty of time to rest while the other groups are battling it out. This also means that every day will be filled with intense and high stakes matches where teams are fighting for their lives and a slot in playoffs at the end of the season.

Call of Duty League 2021 - Stage 1 Major

Highlight Match: Grand Finals
March 3rd - 7th - 3PM EST / 12PM PST

After two weeks of regular-season competition which included a super week the first CDL major of the season is finally here. This event will pit all of the teams against each other in a tournament-style format to get an early read on who the best team in the league currently is. This type of competition does wonders to break up a long season of round robin matches that can feel disconnected from each other. Instead each and every match this week will determine if a team can proceed to the next round or is all done for the week. Make sure to tune in every day for the competition but you especially don’t want to miss the grand finals on Sunday.

PUBG Global Invitational - Weeks 4 - 6

Highlight Match: Opening Matches
Starting March 5th

The PUBG Global Championship has brought together all of the best teams from around the world to compete in the Global Invitational. This marks the second week of the competition and will help determine the best teams in the competition moving forward as well as which teams will progress out of this initial stage. While PUBG never received the large-scale notoriety of Fortnite it is still an incredibly entertaining esport to tune into. If you wake up early or stay up really really late, there is no better entertainment for your morning routine than this global competition. These will be the final weeks of this event so make sure you tune in!


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