Esports Events to Watch This Week (August 17 – 23)

Posted by ReadyUp on August 18, 2020

Want to know what esports events you absolutely need to check out this week? We’ve got you covered! Every week our staff pick some of the biggest events from all across esports that we think you need to watch.

This is another incredible week in the world of esports! ESL One Cologne, one of the most highly anticipated CSGO events every year, began today moving the competition online to proceed despite the current pandemic. The Overwatch League is entering its final week of the regular season giving teams one last chance to prove themselves before the playoffs. Meanwhile, the CDL begins their playoffs tomorrow which should prove to be an incredible ending to their inaugural season. Lastly, the League of Legends community is fully gearing up for Worlds with the European LEC playoffs set to begin and both the LCS and LPL playoffs continuing. With so many esports to choose from this week you’ll have no problem staying entertained, but let us help you select some specific games that are absolutely worth tuning into!

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LCS Summer 2020 Playoffs Rounds 2 + 3

Release Date: TSM vs TBD
Sunday August 23rd - 4:00 PM EST / 1PM PST

There are six teams that are still alive in the LCS at the moment but after this week there will only be four. With North America only have three slots at the World Championship this year the remaining teams are halfway there and certainly don’t want to have to go home now. This fact is especially true for TSM who entered the playoffs in the upper bracket but were swept down into the lower bracket by Golden Guardians in the first round. Finishing the season as one of the best teams in the region it would be a massive disappointment and underperformance for TSM to not reach the World Championship. This upcoming match will be difficult but as both teams will be facing elimination it will be an intense series you should absolutely watch.

LEC Summer 2020 Playoffs Round 1

Release Date: G2 vs MAD Lions
Saturday August 22nd - 11 AM EST / 8 AM PST

G2 esports, who have long held the title as the kings of Europe, are taking on MAD Lions this week in the first round of the LEC playoffs. MAD Lions are a team filled with incredible young talent that will continue to be stars in the LEC for years to come making this both a generational battle and one that already has some history behind. These two teams squared off in the spring playoffs twice, and MAD Lions was actually able to upset G2 in their first encounter. That series set the meta for the rest of the playoffs for all the teams in Europe which tells you how much respect the other teams in the league have for these two squads. With G2 being able to beat them in the Spring Finals this opening series will serve as the rubber match that will help settle the score between these two rosters. It might only be the first round of the playoffs but this is one series you won’t want to miss,

Overwatch League Week 29

Release Date: Los Angeles Valiant vs Los Angeles Gladiators
Sunday August 23rd - 7 PM EST / 4PM PST

The battle of Los Angeles is always one of the biggest rivalries of the Overwatch League. As one of the last matches of the regular season, this match holds even more weight. Both teams are battling for playoff positioning and will want to ensure they have the best possible week. The two teams are only separated by two victories over the course of this long season so this final match between the two Los Angeles rosters will be a showdown every Overwatch fan will be watching.

Call of Duty League Playoffs

Release Date: OpTic Gaming Los Angeles vs Los Angeles Guerrillas
Wednesday August 19th - 4:30 PM EST / 1:30 PM PST

The Call of Duty League playoffs is getting off to an intense first day of competition with two elimination matches immediately. The second match specifically between OpTic and the Guerrillas is set to immediately send one of the two Los Angeles based teams home. With this being the inaugural season of the league these playoffs are especially important for both of these teams to establish themselves as the Lakers of the CDL and the better team representing Los Angeles. This will only be the first round of a long road ahead for either team if they want to make a deep run in these playoffs as they are both starting in the lower bracket. This opening day of the playoffs will set the tone for the rest of the week and with so many elimination matches happening each and every day this will be an incredible week of CDL competition that is well worth watching.

ESL One Cologne

Release Date: Natus Vincere Vs Mousesports
Wednesday August 19th - 9AM EST / 6AM PST

ESL One Cologne is always one of the biggest esports events of the year and rather than letting it fall by the wayside due to the current pandemic they have decided to move the event online. The group stage started this morning but one of the most exciting matchups is actually taking place tomorrow between Na’Vi and Mousesports. The match features two of the best teams in Europe squaring off early in a group stage which could ultimately dictate their positions in the playoff bracket down the line. It is worth noting that both European and North American competitions have started this week and will be on every day for the remainder of the week. Europe always starts at 9AM EST and North America always begins their portion of the competition at 4PM EST. For CSGO fans this is a must-watch event and for everyone else, this is still an event worth tuning into as a premier example of the power of esports.


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