Esports Events to Watch This Week (August 19-25, 2019)

Posted by ReadyUp on August 22, 2019

Want to know what esports events you absolutely need to check out this week?

We got you covered!

#5 OWL –  San Francisco Shock Vs Vancouver Titans

Time: Saturday August 24th,  8:30 PM Eastern Time / 5:30 PM Pacific Time

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This is the final week of the 2019 regular season and teams are gearing up for the playoffs. The Shock and Titans have encountered each other in multiple playoffs so far and no doubt they both hope to end up in the finals of the entire season. This should be an excellent match that could foreshadow an intense playoff battle.

They are the top two teams in the league over the course of this entire season making this an exemplary match displaying the highest level of competitive overwatch. If there is one regular-season game you won’t want to miss, this will be it. 

The Shock have been undefeated this stage but still, trail well behind Vancouver in the full season standings. This game will be played mostly for pride and to send a message to the other that they know how to get the better of them come playoff time. 

#4 LEC Playoff First Round Matchup – Rogue Vs Splyce

Time: Friday, August 23rd, 12:00 PM Eastern Time / 9:00 AM Pacific Time

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The LEC playoffs are finally ready to begin and with the top two teams in G2 and Fnatic having bye weeks, this Rogue Vs Splyce matchup will be the one to watch. 

Splyce may have the better team overall, finishing 3rd in the split compared to Rogue’s 6th place finish, but Rogue has some undeniable talent that will happily make Splyce pay for underestimating them. Splyce will likely have an advantage in the top lane however Rogue has a phenomenal bottom lane that may give them the edge in that portion of the match. Both teams will need to quickly determine how best to translate those small advantages into victories and whichever team can do so first will almost certainly come out on top. 

Europe has been a very close region throughout the majority of the split with many teams seemingly being only a few plays away from an entirely different finish in the split and both of these rosters are examples of this. This will be a very even series that you won’t want to miss. 


#3 LCS Semi Final –  C9 Vs Team Liquid

Time: Sunday August 25th, 4:00 PM Eastern Time / 1:00 PM Pacific Time

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Team Liquid is entering their fourth consecutive stage finals and if they emerge victoriously, will be the first team in LCS history to win four consecutive titles. This is no easy feat in any scenario, but will likely be made even more difficult due to a formidable adversary in Cloud9. C9 has consistently been one of the best teams in the LCS and has always demonstrated resolve in the largest of moments. The bigger the match the better C9 has always performed and they hope that this weekend will be no different.

All eyes will be on the bottom lane in this matchup as two of the regions best ADC’s from all time will be duking it out for the right to call themselves the Summer 2019 Champions. Yilliang “Doublelift” Peng turned a solid Team Liquid roster into champions for 3 consecutive splits and will no doubt want to make history this weekend with a fourth. Getting past Zachary “Sneaky” Scuderi will be no small task however, the sole remaining member of the original Cloud9 roster is rightfully considered one of the best at his position in all of the west. Whatever other plans you have for this Saturday afternoon, this matchup should take priority. 

#2 StarLadder Berlin CS:GO Major New Challenger Stage

Time: Friday – Sunday  August 23rd-25th, 6:00 AM Eastern Time / 3:00 AM Pacific Time

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One of the biggest CSGO major events of the year is getting started in Berlin this weekend with the New Challenger stage of play beginning. 16 teams will be competing for the 8 remaining spots in the main portion of this tournament.

Qualifying for the second portion of a major of this caliber is a massive accomplishment in and of itself and all the teams competing will be doing their best to make sure they can accomplish just that. Vitality, G2 Esports, Complexity, and Hellraisers are all teams that are expected to make it through to the New Legends stage however teams like NRG, Mousesports and ForZe can never be counted out. 

This is sure to be a stressful few days of CSGO for all the players but incredibly entertaining for fans watching around the world. The time zone difference for those living in North America makes this event a little difficult to watch live but the excitement will be well worth it. 

#1 DOTA 2 International Main Event

Time: Fri – Sun, August 9th-11th, 4:00 AM Eastern Time / 1:00 AM Pacific Time 

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There are only a few events every year that simultaneously shock the world and put an exclamation mark on an entire year’s worth of competition. There is no doubt that The International is the exemplar for those kinds of events.

Consistently boasting the largest prize pool and some of the highest viewership from any esports event all year long this is one tournament that any esports fan will want to make sure they tune into. The final rounds of qualification finished last week and now there is nothing left to do but crown a champion and proclaim them to be the greatest DOTA 2 roster for all of 2019. No tournament has higher stakes and more on the line making this an intense event and one any player that succeeds in can point to as a testament to withstand pressure.

The best teams from all over the world are in attendance but only one can emerge as the champion.


That does it for us this week! We hope you have a fantastic weekend watching esports and don’t forget to check out our event guide so you can stay on top of every event!


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