Esports Events to Watch This Week (August 3 – 9)

Posted by ReadyUp on August 5, 2020

Want to know what esports events you absolutely need to check out this week? We’ve got you covered! Every week our staff pick some of the biggest events from all across esports that we think you need to watch.

This weekend represents the final games in regular-season competition for both the LCS and LEC. The Overwatch League is also nearing the end of its regular season with its final mid-season tournament, the Countdown, providing one last elimination-style competition before the playoffs begin. The NBA2K League has its final week of competition before the final bye week in its regular season and the RLCS is beginning Season X with its European qualifiers giving you a chance to see some of the best up and coming players in the region.



LCS Summer 2020 Week 8

Highlight Match: Team Liquid vs TSM

Sunday, August 9th – 6PM EST / 3PM PST

Coming in hot after a massive victory over Cloud9 last weekend, TSM now looks to defeat the #1 seed Team Liquid in the final week of regular-season competition. Despite holding the top spot for the past few weeks and being at the top of the standings all split, Liquid has been viewed by most to still be inferior to the Spring Champions Cloud9. With Cloud9 losing quite a few games in the last few weeks and Liquid gaining sole possession of first place heading into the final week of competition this match against the now #2 seed TSM is crucial in solidifying them as the top contender to take home the trophy. This match becomes even more important for both teams due to TSM star ADC Doublelift leaving Liquid to join TSM at the start of this split making this game a rivalry game you won’t want to miss.

You can find the full details for that match here or check out the full schedule of games.


LEC Summer 2020 Week 8

Highlight Match: Rogue vs Mad Lions

Saturday, August 8th – 3PM EST / Noon PST

The top two teams in European League of Legends will go head to head during the final week of regular-season competition. Both Rogue and Mad Lions currently boast 11-4 records and with only 3 games left this match could easily decide who secures the first seed heading into playoffs. With the ability to choose your first opponent being given to the top seed this match could make all the difference between making it to the World Championship or falling short. It could easily be stated that this the most important game of League of Legends not just in Europe, but in the world this week.

You can find the full details for that match here or check out the full schedule of games.


Overwatch League Countdown Tournament

Highlight Match: Tournament Finals

Sunday, August 9th – 5PM EST / 2PM PST

The Overwatch League has run multiple miniature tournaments within this year’s season as a way to create exciting weekends of elimination matches that closely mimic a playoff format. The Countdown is the final tournament of that type this season and with only a few weeks remaining before the start of the playoffs, it will prove as an excellent preview of what is to come. Teams will be sure to be giving this competition their best effort as it will be some of the best practice they can get for elimination-style series making the finals of this tournament a must-watch match for any Overwatch fan.

You can find the full schedule of games here.


NBA2K League Week 12

Highlight Match: T-Wolves vs Jazz

Wednesday, August 5th – 9PM EST / 6PM PST

With the playoffs quickly approaching the T-Wolves have a tremendous opportunity to move closer to securing a playoff spot while testing themselves against one of the best teams in the league. The jazz have already secured their spot in the upcoming postseason currently sitting in 3rd place with an 11-2 record. The Wolves are sitting tied for 9th place with a record of 7-6 making it critical for them to secure as many wins as possible down the stretch. This is a game they should lose on paper but with the Jazz having little to play for at this point, the Wolves can look to secure an upset and make their road to the postseason that much easier.

You can find the full details for that match here or check out the full schedule of games.


RLCS X European Qualifier #1

Highlight Match: Final Round

Sunday, August 8th – 12PM EST / 9AM PST

Rocket League is back with Season X and this weekend marks the end of the very first qualifier. A total of 32 European teams will be battling it out to try and secure a spot in the professional league starting early next year. This is an excellent chance to start watching some of the best up and coming talent in the region that are sure to be the stars of tomorrow. The teams that advance from this qualifier will ultimately have to test themselves against some of last year’s professional teams in an attempt to earn their spot on the official circuit. With so much on the line, this will be an intense weekend of competition that is well worth tuning into.

You can find the full details for that match here or check out the full schedule of games.

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