Esports Events to Watch This Week (August 5-11, 2019)

Posted by ReadyUp on August 7, 2019

Want to know what esports events you absolutely need to check out this week?

We got you covered

#5 Smite Pro League Top Dog Matchup – Dignitas Vs Team Rival

Time: Thursday, August 8th,  1:30 PM Eastern Time / 10:30 AM Pacific Time

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Smite is heavily underappreciated game that has combined FPS elements with more traditional MOBA gameplay. It has come a long way since it was first developed and its professional league is a perfect example of just how much the game and its players have improved.

If you want to become familiar with the title, the best place to start is watching the top two teams in the world go at one and other. That is exactly what will be taking place this week. Dignitas and Team Rival have proven they are the two teams to beat this season so far, and will be squaring off on Thursday.

When the two teams played in the first phase of the competitive season the series took the full five games. The series went back and forth and was tremendously exciting but ultimately it was Dignitas who as able to emerge the victor. Will Team Rival get their revenge or will Dignitas cement themselves as the best Smite team in the world? You’ll have to watch to find out. 

#4 LEC Playoff Battle – Excel Vs Origin 

Time: Saturday, August 10th 1:00 PM Eastern Time / 10:00 AM Pacific Time

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The most interesting matchup in the LEC this week is a showdown between two teams that are trying to secure playoff berths.

Origen has been having a mediocre season but are still sitting in a playoff position at the moment and will want to make sure they hold on to that spot heading into the final two weeks of regular season play. Meanwhile, Excel is below them in the standings sitting just outside of a playoff position but surprised the world last week taking down Splyce, one of the best European teams. Another few big performances like that could propel them into that final playoff position. 

This is a critical match for how the playoffs end up in Europe. Origen is barely holding onto that final spot so losing a match to one of the teams trailing them could end up in them losing that position. If Excel wants any chance to qualify they must get the victory in this game. 

#3 Overwatch League –  London Spitfire Vs Vancouver Titans 

Time: Thursday, August 8th 7:00 PM Eastern Time / 4:00 PM Pacific Time

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This season has created multiple storylines and rivalries but one of the best that has yet to materialize is between the London Spitfire and Vancouver Titans. London was the stage 1 champions last season, as Vancouver was this season, and then failed to win another stage until emerging as the season champions. Vancouver has also struggled in the past few stage playoffs despite being the best regular-season team and no doubt hopes to emulate the trajectory London took last season. 

Currently, the London Spitfire are sitting in sixth in the standings this stage while the Titans are sitting in 7th with one less game played. The Titans still hold the first spot in the overall league standings however when combing all stages which are not a slot they will want to give up by taking more losses than they have to this stage. This is the first meeting of these two teams this season but they will clash twice more this stage setting us up for some intense matches in the following weeks.

This being the final stage of the season gives each and every match significance in multiple ways. Teams will want to ensure they are in the best possible position to qualify for the playoffs or give themselves the best seed, but they will also want to make sure their strategies are on point and they are playing their best. This match will be a great example of everything that is on the line this stage making it one you will definitely want to check out. 

#2 LCS Playoff Quarter Finals – TSM Vs Clutch Gaming 

Time: Saturday August 10, 5:00 PM Eastern Time / 2:00 PM Pacific Time

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The North American playoffs begin this weekend for League of Legends and as usual, the teams in the middle of the standings should provide us with the best match. TSM and clutch finished in the 4th and 5th places respectively on the season. Both have shown incredible games and some very subpar ones making this a series where anything can happen. 

TSM has been very inconsistent this split and has had tremendous difficulty stringing together a number of wins.TSM has been able to get the better of Clutch so far in the season but they took a disappointing loss to Team Liquid in their final match of the season in a rather embarrassing fashion. 

The key difference maker in this match that you will want to keep your eye is Midlaner Soren “Bjergsen” Bjerg of TSM. He is by far the most individually talented player in this series and if TSM is going to emerge victoriously he needs to perform at the level he is capable of to guarantee his team a semi-final appearance. 

#1 PUBG Nations Cup

Time: Fri – Sun, August 9th-11th, 4:00 AM Eastern Time / 1:00 AM Pacific Time 

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PUBG is gathering the best players from around the globe to represent 16 different nations in Seoul to determine which country is the best in the world. While this battle royale title doesn’t have the notoriety of Fortnite it is clearly the second most popular game in the genre making this a gigantic esports competition. National pride and $500,000 are on the line over the course of this weekend. This will be one event that any battle royale fan won’t want to miss.

That does it for us this week! We hope you have a fantastic weekend watching esports and don’t forget to check out our event guide so you can stay on top of every event!


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