Esports Events to Watch This Week (July 22-28, 2019)

Posted by ReadyUp on July 24, 2019

Want to know what esports events you absolutely need to check out this week?

We got you covered

#5 NBA2K League Playoff Grand Finals

Time: Friday, July 26th,  6:00 PM Eastern Time / 3:00 PM Pacific Time

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The 2019 regular season of the NBA2K League is over and now the playoffs are here. Playoff weekends are always full of excitement and this one should be no different. Teams have fought hard all year long for this moment, and now is the time to prove they are the best in the world.

We can’t be certain on who will make it to this final showdown but there are some definite front runners. Blazers 5 Gaming lead the pack throughout the entire season making them the obvious front runner for a finals appearance. Mavs Gaming finished the season in second and was dominating in the final weeks giving them a strong chance at appearing in this final match as well.

There is a potential underdog Cinderella story in the making with the Warriors Gaming Squad this weekend as well. They qualified for the postseason by winning The Turn, a tournament in the middle of the season, despite finishing poorly in the regular season. Their ability to show up for one big weekend is clear and although they will have a very difficult road to the finals you shouldn’t count them out just yet.

#4 LEC Rivals Match – Splyce Vs Schalke 04 

Time: Saturday, July 27th 1:00 PM Eastern Time / 10:00 AM Pacific Time

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The most interesting matchup in the LEC this week is a showdown between the 3rd and 4th place teams Splyce and Schalke 04. The top of the standings in the LEC is still tightly packed making this matchup a crucial one for both teams if they want to contest for the top spot this season.

Schalke is entering this week’s action off the back of two consecutive undefeated weeks. They will want to maintain that momentum if they hope to defeat Splyce and overtake them for third place in the standings. Splyce has also been playing very well lately, only losing to G2 Esports in recent weeks who own the current top spot. The two did play once already this season and it was Schalke who emerged victoriously after an incredible nexus push. This time Splyce will want to ensure there is a different result. 

This will be a very even and entertaining matchup that you definitely want to check out. 

#3 LCS Top Dog Showdown –  Cloud9 Vs Team Liquid 

Time: Sunday, July 28th 5:00 PM Eastern Time / 2:00 PM Pacific Time

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This is by far the most interesting matchup in the LCS this week as the top two teams in the LCS standings square off. Team Liquid has undeniably been the best team throughout this whole season and this split has just cemented their reputation as the North American team to beat. 

These two squads already faced off earlier in the split and Cloud9 was ultimately able to best Liquid handing them one of their few losses of the season. Since then Liquid has been unstoppable giving this matchup a different flavor after they struggled out of the gate this split. Expect to see a big game from Yilliang “Doublelift” Peng as he and the rest of Liquid try to avenge their loss from earlier in the split.  

#2 OWL 2019 Stage 4 Opening Week – Shanghai Dragons Vs Vancouver Titans 

Time: Friday, July 26th, 1200 PM Eastern Time / 9:00 PM Pacific Time

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After going through the entire first season of the Overwatch League without a single victory the Shanghai Dragons did the unimaginable two weeks ago winning the Stage 3 playoffs. Their season this year has been remarkably different from last years performance and their victory in the previous playoffs was the perfect exclamation mark on their incredible turnaround. 

Their victory in the playoffs wasn’t easy, knocking off the favorite Vancouver Titans in the semifinals in convincing fashion. This opening matchup gives them the opportunity to further demonstrate to everyone that they are a team to look out for in the final stage of this season’s action. 

Victory will not be easy as the Titans will enter this matchup highly motivated to exact their revenge and demonstrate to the world they are still the best team in the league. They will have undoubtedly studied the footage of their playoff loss extensively and be well prepared to demonstrate all they have learned this weekend. 

#1 Fortnite World Cup 

Time: Saturday & Sunday, July 27th-28th, 1:00 PM Eastern Time / 10:00 AM Pacific Time 

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Fortnite has rapidly become the most popular game in the world and this weekend the top 100 players from around the globe will be in New York to compete for the title of the world’s greatest Fortnite player and a staggering $30,000,000.

There will be both Solo and Duo action taking place, with the former happening on Sunday and Duos taking place Saturday. This is the event these players have been practicing for all year long and that fans have anticipated since its announcement. It is the first-ever World Championship for this young and quickly growing esport but will instantly prove to be one of the largest World Championships for any esport ever. 

Over 40,000,000 people attempted to qualify for the action this weekend and now only 100 remain but the battle won’t be over until only one is left standing. There aren’t too many esport events that no matter what games you play or find interesting you absolutely must watch, but this is certainly one of them.

That does it for us this week! We hope you have a fantastic weekend watching esports and don’t forget to check out our event guide so you can stay on top of every event!


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