Esports Events to Watch This Week (July 29-Aug 4th, 2019)

Posted by ReadyUp on July 31, 2019

Want to know what esports events you absolutely need to check out this week?

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#5 NBA2K League Playoff Grand Finals – T-Wolves Gaming Vs 76ers GC

Time: Saturday, August 3rd,  3:00 PM Eastern Time / 12:00 PM Pacific Time

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The 2019 regular season of the NBA2K League is over, the playoffs have been played and now only two teams are left standing. T-Wolves Gaming will take on 76ers GC in the Grand Finals of the NBA2K League for the 2019 title.

76ers GC finished the regular season in 3rd place while T-Wolves Gaming managed to finish in 4th. While they weren’t necessarily the favorites to find themselves in this position they certainly demonstrated the prowess all season long and came up big when it mattered most. With both of the top seeds from the regular season being upset in the first round, these two teams became the finals favorites after the first day of action and managed to uphold their regular season reputations with impressive playoff performances that left no doubt they were the two best teams in the playoffs. 

The Finals will be a best of 5 that should be closely contested. It’s impossible to know who will win but what we do know is that this will be an incredible series you won’t want to miss. 

#4 LEC Top Dog Matchup – G2 Esports Vs Fnatic 

Time: Saturday, August 3rd 3:00 PM Eastern Time / 12:00 PM Pacific Time

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The most interesting matchup in the LEC this week is a showdown between the top two teams so far this split, G2 Esports, and Fnatic. The top of the standings in the LEC is still tightly packed making this matchup a crucial one for both teams. A win here can extend the lead G2 has over the rest of the pack or pull Fnatic within a single game of the top spot in the league.

Fnatic displayed mixed performances last week, dropping a game to a struggling Misfits roster before beating Origen who is also well below them in the standings. G2 Esports, on the other hand, has continued their impressive streak of victories going 2-0 last week pushing their undefeated streak to 7 games. 

Interestingly, the last team to hand G2 a loss was this Fnatic roster making it entirely possible for it to happen again. Fnatic will need to pull out another impressive performance to do it again, especially considering G2 will be looking to do everything in their power to get their revenge.

#3 LCS Rival Match –  TSM Vs Team Liquid 

Time: Sunday, August 4th 5:00 PM Eastern Time / 2:00 PM Pacific Time

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The best match in North American League of Legends this week is between the first and fourth place teams in the LCS standings, Team Liquid, and TSM. Team Liquid has undeniably been the best team throughout this whole season and this split has just cemented their reputation as the North American team to beat. They had a 6 game win streak snapped in their last match against Cloud9 giving TSM a perfect playbook on how to defeat the top North American roster. 

TSM has been very inconsistent this split and has had tremendous difficulty stringing together a number of wins. With the middle of the standings so closely contested at the moment, they desperately need to win some big games to give them some breathing room over the rest of the competition and give themselves a good seed for the playoffs. The two squared off in their season openers but it was ultimately Team Liquid who was able to secure the victory, TSM will need to bring their best performance if they want to get their revenge. 

There are some big difference makers in this match that you will want to keep your eye on. For TSM, that player is Midlaner Soren “Bjergsen” Bjerg and for Team Liquid it is their ADC Yilliang “Doublelift” Peng, a former member of TSM. Look for these two old teammates to bring something extra to this matchup filled with personal significance. 

#2 OWL 2019 Stage 4 – Guangzhou Charge Vs London Spitfire 

Time: Thursday August 1st, 7:00 PM Eastern Time / 4:00 PM Pacific Time

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Only four teams emerged from the opening week of Stage 4 action with perfect records and after the opening match of week 2, only three will remain. The London Spitfire and Guangzhou Charge have both been solid this year but neither has been able to solidify themselves as top teams just yet. Both squads are hoping this stage will change that will the playoffs just around the corner.

Currently, the London Spitfire are in a three-way tie for fourth in the overall league standings while the Guangzhou Charge are tied for 10th. Despite the large discrepancy in their standings, only three wins separate the two making it imperative to perform well in this final stage of the regular season. 

This being the final stage of the season gives each and every match significance in multiple ways. Teams will want to ensure they are in the best possible position to qualify for the playoffs or give themselves the best seed, but they will also want to make sure their strategies are on point and they are playing their best. These teams haven’t faced each other once this season so both teams will be looking to learn as much as they can in this initial encounter. This match will be a great example of everything that is on the line this stage making it one you will definitely want to check out. 

#1 EVO

Time: Fri – Sun, August 2nd-4th, 1:00 PM Eastern Time / 10:00 AM Pacific Time 

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The biggest tournament of the year for Fighting Game fans and competitors is finally here. This year’s EVO will be taking place Friday-Sunday with a multitude of fighting games tournaments for you to enjoy. These games include Super Smash Bros, Mortal Kombat 11, Street Fighter V, Tekken 7, Soul Calibur 6, Dragon Ball FighterZ and more! If you’re a fighting game fan this is one weekend you will want to be glued to your screen because the action will be incredible all weekend long.

Tournament finals are taking place all day Sunday as well as most of Saturday so there will never be a dull moment. For a complete schedule including the approximate starting times for each game’s final showdowns check out the official EVO schedule on their website. 

That does it for us this week! We hope you have a fantastic weekend watching esports and don’t forget to check out our event guide so you can stay on top of every event!


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