Esports Events to Watch This Week (March 1st – 7th)

Posted by ReadyUp on March 1, 2021

Want to know what esports events you absolutely need to check out this week? We’ve got you covered! Every week our staff pick some of the biggest events from all across esports that we think you need to watch.

It’s hard to believe we are already in the first week in March but time flies when you’re watching esports! This week we have another great slate of events including play across all four major regions in League of Legends. The Call of Duty League will play their first major competition of the season this week and PUBG continues the Global Championship with a Survival Tournament. For sports fans, FIFA 21 has its North American Global Series Qualifiers Finals which will determine the person to represent the region in the global Xbox competition. There is a lot to delve into this week so let’s get started!

PUBG Global Invitational.S 2021 - Survival Tournament

Highlight Match:
Sunday March 7th - 5AM EST / 2AM PST

The PUBG Global Championship has brought together all of the best teams from around the world to compete in the Global Invitational. This marks the second week of the competition and will help determine the best teams in the competition moving forward as well as which teams will progress out of this initial stage. While PUBG never received the large-scale notoriety of Fortnite it is still an incredibly entertaining esport to tune into. If you wake up early or stay up really really late, there is no better entertainment for your morning routine than this global competition.

Call of Duty League - Stage 1 Major

Highlight Match: Grand Finals
Sunday March 7th - 6PM EST / 3PM PST

After two weeks of regular-season competition which included a super week the first CDL major of the season is finally here. This event will pit all of the teams against each other in a tournament-style format to get an early read on who the best team in the league currently is. This type of competition does wonders to break up a long season of round robin matches that can feel disconnected from each other. Instead each and every match this week will determine if a team can proceed to the next round or is all done for the week. Make sure to tune in every day for the competition but you especially don’t want to miss the grand finals on Sunday.

LEC Spring 2021 Week 7

Highlight Match: G2 vs Rogue
Friday March 5th - 2PM EST / 11AM PST

This week we have another action packed week in the LEC but there is no doubt what match is by far the most important both in the standings and for your personal entertainment. Friday afternoon will feature the two best teams in Europe, G2 and Rogue, going head to head to determine who will sit at the top of the standings heading into the final few weeks of competition. Both teams have only dropped 2 matches so far this season out of their 13 total games played making them both incredibly dominant teams. While a best of one can’t tell us everything we need to know about how the matchup will go, this is likely to be a wonderful preview of the European finals at the end of the Spring Split.

LCS Spring 2021 Week 5

Highlight Match: Cloud9 vs Team Liquid
Saturday March 6th - 6PM EST / 3PM PST

As the LCS regular season continues along we will again be treated to another rematch between the two finalist of the Lock-In, Cloud9 and Team Liquid. Despite losing the Lock-In Finals, Cloud9 has been the far better team throughout this regular season sitting at the top of the standings with a 10-2 record. Team Liquid looked like the team to beat entering the season but have so far been struggling as they currently sit in a three-way tie for 4th place with a 7-5 record through the first 12 games. Team Liquid was able to get the victory in their last regular-season match just a few weeks ago making it appear that perhaps TL is the kryptonite to Cloud9. This week offers C9 an opportunity to put that theory to bed and prove they truly have become the best team in North America.

FIFA Global Series 21: NA Qualifiers - Xbox Finals

Highlight Match: Grand Finals
Saturday March 6th - 12PM EST / 9AM PST

The FIFA Global Series is the pinnacle of FIFA competition around the world. After a series of grueling qualifiers this weekend will finally determine which North American player will compete on the global stage on the Xbox side of the competition. While making it this far in the process is already an incredible accomplishment there is no doubt that both competitors will want to be the one to compete internationally and represent North America on the world stage. If you’re a fan of soccer and love playing FIFA, this is the esport event for you to catch this weekend.


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