Esports Events to Watch This Week (October 19 – 25)

Posted by ReadyUp on October 19, 2020

Want to know what esports events you absolutely need to check out this week? We’ve got you covered! Every week our staff pick some of the biggest events from all across esports that we think you need to watch.

This week ESL One Germany concludes the group stage and begins the main portion of the tournament. CSGO fans have plenty to watch with IEM New York heading into CIS Playoffs and the DreamHack Open entering the main event. The Smite Pro League enters its second to last week of the regular season and last but certainly not least, the League of Legends World Championship will play the two semi-final matches.


League of Legends World Championship - Semi Finals

Release Date: DAMWON vs G2 Esports
Saturday October 24th - 6AM EST / 3AM PST

Now that the World Championship is entering the semi-finals we get to see a highly anticipated rematch of a quarter-final encounter last year. The two favorites entering this tournament, Top Esports and DAMWON Gaming, are on opposite sides of the bracket but the road for DAMWON won’t be easy. Standing in their way is the greatest western team of all time, G2 Esports, a finalist at last year’s World Championship who got the better of DAMWON when they met last year. This is a highly anticipated series that is sure to be a display of the best League of Legends the world has to offer. This is one series that any esports fan should tune into.

IEM New York - CIS Playoffs

Release Date: Grand Finals
Sunday October 25th - 10AM EST / 7AM PST

The final regional competition for IEM New York Online comes to a close this week with the CIS regional wrapping up. The CIS region fields some of the best teams in the entire world making the playoffs for this competition a must-see event for any fan of CSGO. The pinnacle of this tournament will be the Grand Finals taking place this Sunday and although we aren’t sure who will be competing in the series yet we can be confident that will be an incredible display of the talent and coordination in professional CSGO.

ESL One Germany

Release Date: Upper Bracket Quarter Finals
Friday October 23rd - 11AM EST / 8AM EST

ESL One Germany will be entering the main event this week beginning with the Quarter Finals. With only half of the teams entering this portion of the tournament, the remainder of the matches will be the highlight of any DOTA fan’s month. With The International being postponed due to COVID, ESL One is the greatest DOTA event of the latter half of 2020.

DreamHack Open Fall

Release Date: Grand Final
Sunday October 25th - 1PM EST / 10AM PST

In case IEM New York wasn’t enough for CSGO fans, they also have the conclusion of the DreamHack Open to look forward to this week. This event is part of the ESL Pro Tour and features many of the teams we just saw compete in other regional tournaments at IEM New York. This will be another great competition featuring some of the best teams from around the world making this Grand Finals one well worth tuning into.

Smite Pro League

Release Date: SpaceStation vs Ghost Gaming
Friday October 23rd - 3PM EST / 12PM PST

This week the top two teams in the Smite Pro League will square off in a highly anticipated match. There are only two weeks left of regular-season competition and both of these teams are the two clearest frontrunners to take home the trophy. SpaceStation currently sits one game ahead of Ghost in the standings but this could easily become the deciding match in who enters the playoffs with the top seed. This will be an incredible matchup that is well worth watching as an avid Smite fan or someone who just wants to learn more about this growing esport.


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