Gamer of the Week – Jaden “Vegas” James

Posted by ReadyUp on June 29, 2019

There are so many games, streamers, professional players and communities within esports that it can be overwhelming to look for new people to watch and support, that’s why we’ll be featuring a new player, caster, streamer or personality on our platform each week. This week we want to introduce you to Jaden “Vegas” James, the 17-year-old PUBG prodigy.

Vegas became a fan of esports at a young age, falling in love with the Call of Duty franchise and watching the highest level of competition. He began playing H1Z1 casually and watching all of those events as well, but soon realized he was too late to get into the competitive scene himself. When PUBG was released in 2017 though, he wouldn’t miss out again.

“I casually played H1Z1, watched all of the esports events and was really interested in competing I was just too late to get into the scene. Then PUBG released in 2017. I immediately started grinding and became very good at the game. I shifted my efforts towards going pro in PUBG.”

With a brand new title now in his sights, Vegas was motivated to pursue the path of competition he had been watching others embark on for years. He began competing in 2017 and has found great success since, winning the Auzom North American Cup in 2018 and the first ever Nations Vs Nations earlier this year. He has also competed in high profile competitions such as Twitch Rivals and Global Loot League events. This level of experience in legitimate professional competition makes him someone to keep an eye on over the coming years as he develops further.

Young stars are relatively common in esports with a large share of professional players being under the age of 25, but being on the ecosystem’s radar before getting to college is significantly more uncommon. This is exactly what Vegas has accomplished however, already representing esteemed organizations like eUnited and Ghost Gaming.  His success so far is due to a unique combination that is attractive to all esports teams but only a few individuals possess – tremendous individual skill and maturity far beyond his years. Despite his youth, he has become a true professional dedicating hours a day to honing his craft and demonstrates the mental stability and fortitude of a seasoned veteran.

Although he has already come a long way he isn’t satisfied with what he’s done, but instead looks forward to some impressive goals for his own future. “My ultimate goal in PUBG is to become the number one team in North America with Ghost Gaming and compete at every global event; my biggest individual goal is to be voted into next years Global All-Star event.”

Having just graduated High School, he has not been able to dedicate all of his time to esports until now, as he had to split his time between his blossoming career and completing his studies. Now he can focus on esports full time and there is no telling where his ceiling will be. He will also be old enough in just over a month to be eligible to compete in the Professional PUBG League, the NPL, and there is little doubt we will see him there next season. This is a player with the ability and dedication to become one of the most recognized names in that community and he has no doubt he will be around for as long as the game is, “PUBG is trying to make the esports scene last for many years and I plan to stick around until the end.”

While it is clear he loves PUBG his love for esports and competition are also very evident. Vegas won’t be a name who fades into obscurity if/when PUBG does but instead will be a name esports fans better get used to seeing around for years to come, “If/when PUBG is over I definitely plan to move to another up and coming title, it just depends on when that is.”

To learn more about Vegas you can follow him on Twitter and check out his Twitch streams to get a first-hand look at this up and coming talent for yourself.


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