Readyup to launch the first esports team management platform



Industry veterans unite to apply traditional sports infrastructure to the fast growing and evolving world of esports

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. – May 31, 2017 – ReadyUp, The first platform for esports team management, today announced its founding. The platform will be the first of its kind, built expressly for esports. Founded to benefit amateur and professional esports athletes, teams, and gaming clans, ReadyUp’s tools for roster management, scheduling, and communication will let esports athletes efficiently manage and optimize their teams, allowing them to focus on competition and player development.
ReadyUp founder Roderick Alemania will serve as CEO. Previously, Alemania held executive roles at IGN Entertainment/Fox Interactive Media, VUDU, Six Apart and Tapjoy.

“With hundreds of millions of global esports enthusiasts, we believe esports’ scale and fragmentation now warrants a comprehensive set of team management tools,” said Alemania. “ReadyUp will bring the best practices in traditional sports that have been successful at providing structure and efficiency from running recreational teams to managing large sports organizations.”

Founder Johnathan ‘Fatal1ty’ Wendel will represent the company as the Chief Gaming Officer. An esports pioneer, Wendel became the first full-time professional gamer in 1999, winning 12 World Titles, and was later awarded a lifetime achievement award from esports for his contributions to competitive gaming.

“Whether you’re an entry level amateur or seasoned pro, competition takes intense dedication, discipline and time,” said Wendel. “By taking on day to day team management tasks that take teams away from gaming, ReadyUp allows for structure which will help the gamer to utilize its time more efficiently to become their best.”

Sean Allen joins ReadyUp as CTO. A 15 year veteran of the gaming industry in the online services space, Allen has patents in the fields of cloud gaming and big data systems.

ReadyUp advisors include Steven Roberts, Executive Chairman, ESL NA, Mike Vorhaus, President of Magid Advisors, and Glenn Chin, former global brand lead for

Nike+, Nike Basketball, and EA SPORTS.

“Esports growth has been meteoric. In terms of both competitors and fans, esports has now hit a scale on par with traditional sports,” said Steven Roberts, Executive Chairman, ESL. “But a strong ecosystem needs an underpinning of world-class tools and technology platforms to reach its full potential. ReadyUp provides an immense opportunity for athletes and teams at all levels ”

About ReadyUp

The first platform for esports team management, ReadyUp lets esports athletes efficiently manage and optimize their teams, allowing them to focus on competition and player development. Founded to empower the esports community by delivering world-class tools for team management, scheduling, and communication; ReadyUp’s founding team has deep roots in esports, games, media and professional sports. The company is privately held. For more information, visit or email


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